BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) Admissions: A Gateway to a Rewarding Dental Career

By 2030, the demand for qualified dentists is projected to grow by 19%, it surpassing the average job market growth. This surge in demand presents a lucrative opportunity for individuals passionate about oral health and treating others.

The field of dentistry plays a pivotal role in maintaining oral health and enhancing overall well-being. With the increasing demand for dental professionals, pursuing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) can lead to a fulfilling and promising career. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricacies of BDS, including admission requirements, curriculum overview, esteemed faculty and facilities, student life and support, the application process, and testimonials from successful BDS graduates.

For aspiring students, understanding BDS admission, dental college admissions, dental admission criteria, and the dental admission process is crucial. This guide will provide valuable insights into BDS eligibility, ensuring that prospective candidates are well-prepared for the application journey.

Why Study BDS Course?

Career Opportunities

BDS graduates become licensed dentists, allowing them to practise in a variety of settings including private clinics, hospitals, community health centers, and even research and academia. 

Healthcare Profession

Dentistry is a vital component of the healthcare industry. Dentists play an important role in maintaining oral health, preventing dental diseases, and improving patients’ overall well-being.

Variety of Specializations

Orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, and other specialties fall under dentistry. This allows one to concentrate on areas that correspond to their interests and strengths.

Continuous Learning

Dentistry is a constantly evolving field as technology, techniques, and research advance. This ensures that the learning journey continues, making the profession intellectually stimulating.

Financial Reward

Dentists frequently earn competitive salaries, which can rise over time with experience and specialization. This financial stability can provide you with a comfortable lifestyle.

Job Flexibility

Dentists can work independently, as part of a group practice, or in public health settings. This adaptability enables individuals to find a work environment that meets their preferences and work-life balance.

NEET 2024 Exam Dates for BDS

Dates Upcoming Exam Dates
09 Feb ’24 – 09 Mar ’24 NEET 2024 Application Process
Apr ’24 NEET 2024 Application Correction
May ’24 NEET 2024 Admit Card
05 May ’24 NEET 2024 Exam
Jun ’24 NEET 2024 Answer Key Release
14 Jun ’24 NEET 2024 Result

BDS Admission Process 2024

  • To begin with, ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements. For example, students should have achieved a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 10+2 exams.
  • Passing the NEET entrance exam is a prerequisite for admission to the BDS program.
  • Following the exam, successful candidates will be contacted for a counseling session. During this session, they will have the opportunity to choose the college or university where they wish to pursue their studies.
  • Seats at dental colleges or universities will be allocated to candidates based on their rank and preferences during the counseling process.
  • Once a seat is assigned, the candidate must submit the necessary documents. After document verification, the candidate will be required to pay the admission fee.

Curriculum Overview

Core subjects

Dive into anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, oral pathology, and more, gaining a strong foundation in dental science.

Practical training

Hone your skills through hands-on labs, simulations, and clinical rotations, treating real patients under expert supervision.

Specialised areas

Explore advanced topics in areas like orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery, depending on your interests.

Faculty and Facilities

Experienced faculty

Learn from renowned dentists and researchers who bring their expertise and passion to the classroom.

State-of-the-art facilities

Utilise modern dental equipment, laboratories, and simulation centers for practical training.


Benefit from partnerships with leading dental institutions and hospitals for clinical exposure and research opportunities.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for BDS programs varies depending on the college, affiliation (government/private), and student category. You can expect an average range of INR 2-10 lakhs per year. Some institutions offer scholarships or financial assistance to eligible students.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of BDS programs have a wide range of career opportunities, including:

  • Dentist in private practice
  • Dentists in government hospitals and dental clinics
  • Dental surgeon
  • Dental researcher
  • Dental educator

Set Out on Your BDS Expedition

Guidacent offers a dental school program designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in dentistry. The program features a well-built curriculum, experienced faculty, and a friendly atmosphere. They also offer MDS admission counseling to help you through the application process.

Top Colleges in Bangalore

Bangalore boasts several renowned dental colleges offering BDS programs:

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for BDS admission, students typically need to have passed the 12th standard (or equivalent) with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as core subjects and meet the minimum percentage requirement set by the specific institution or regulatory body.

Several entrance exams are used for BDS admission in Bangalore, including the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), and institution-specific exams like the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) Entrance Test.

Yes, most dental colleges and universities in Bangalore require students to qualify in one or more entrance exams for BDS admission. The specific exams required may vary depending on the institution, so it's essential to check the admission criteria for each college you're interested in.

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program typically takes 4 years and 6 months to complete, including a one-year compulsory rotatory internship after the completion of the academic program.

Upon completing a BDS degree, graduates can pursue a wide range of career opportunities, including practicing as a dentist in private clinics, hospitals, or government health centers, working as a dental surgeon, pursuing further specialization through an MDS degree, engaging in dental research, or becoming a dental educator.

Yes, several dental colleges and universities in Bangalore offer scholarships, fee waivers, or financial assistance to eligible students based on academic merit, financial need, or specific categories (e.g., reserved seats). Students can refer to the individual institution's website or contact the admissions office for more information on available scholarships and financial aid.

Some of the renowned dental colleges in Bangalore offering BDS programs include Government Dental College & Research Institute, Faculty of Dental Sciences - M.S. Ramaiah University, RV Dental College & Hospital, RajaRajeshwari Dental College & Hospital, Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences & Research Centre, and The Oxford Dental College.

When selecting a dental college for BDS admission, consider factors such as the institution's reputation, faculty expertise, infrastructure and facilities, clinical exposure opportunities, accreditation status, placement record, and overall student experience. It's also essential to evaluate the college's admission criteria, fee structure, and location based on your preferences and circumstances.