Admission to BPT

BPT Admission (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy or BPT is an undergraduate program that is of 4-year duration including compulsory six months of clinical internship. This program involves the science of physical movement aimed at preventing disease and disability.

About BPT

is a branch of healthcare that applies modes of physical movement including
exercise and massage.

This course provides education, advice, and counseling services to people who are in their old age and need special treatment both physically and mentally.

Students enrolled in this program are taught about skills related to manual therapy, exercises, and application of electro-physical mode of treatment, which cure a variety of disabilities and diseases associated with the spine, back, neck, and even stress-related problems.

Career in BPT

Successful graduates of Bachelor of Physiotherapy find good employment opportunities in both private and government sectors, besides having the option of pursuing private practice. Graduates of Bachelor of Physiotherapy can find their future in private practice, defense services, sports teams, health institutes, hospitals, etc with starting salary of 3.0 lakh to 8.0 lakh per year. 

List of BPT Colleges in Bangalore