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MBBS graduates often pursue either MD ( Doctor of Medicine) or MS (Master of Surgery) based on their aptitude, and interest.

As the name suggests, MS is the study for Doctors practicing Surgeries and MD is the study  for Doctors practicing Medicine (Physician).

A surgeon can perform the responsibilities of a physician whereas, Doctors practising Medicine is restricted to their field of interest.  Both MD and MS is highly valued in the market. It is left to the passion of doctors to choose their rewarding

Direct MD MS Admission through Management Quota.

Direct PG Medical Admission.

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MD / MS Program. 

PG Medical is a 3-year post-graduate medical degree where admissions are strictly based on merits.

General Physicians, in order to upgrade themselves, choose to expertise in their field of interest. It is very common to opt for MD / MS as both are lucrative. Getting masters in medicine, not only fetches a good remuneration but also their contribution towards the society is highly commendable.

Let us look a little deep into both the specializations.

Aspirants pursuing MD / MS will expertise in a specific domain. Listed below are the preferred courses across INDIA:

It is a dream for every aspirant to get associated with renowned institution for a rewarding career.

Why Reputed Institutions are needed for PG Medical Admission ?

Doctors practicing specialization are expected to possess few noble qualities apart from academics.

Renowned institutions not only focus on core specialization but also on managerial qualities, such as :

  • Listening skills,
  • Interactive skills,
  • Observing skills,
  • Adaptive skills,
  • Administrative skills and many more.

Renowned institutions are often concerned about their reputation and standards. Their sense of responsibility towards progressive society will reflect in the quality of doctors they produce.

Getting admission in a standard institution is based on the scores obtained in the NEET.

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Need for NEET.

Any establishment, to attain its success in this competitive world, need to fix their set backs and shortcomings at regular intervals. That is the reason, successful organizations practise root-cause-analysis to strike at the real cause for long-term benefit.

Field of medicine is more complex than any of its peers,  as it deals with life of people. Doctors cannot afford any kind of compromise on standards. To resolve any issues, it is mandatory to understand the concept.

Coming to NEETunlike high school examinations, NEET is very competitive. The questions will be based on the concepts. Unless aspirants understand the core concept, it is quite challenging to earn scores. The best scores will open gates for the deserving in the reputed institutions.

Reason to choose Bangalore / Karnataka? 

Karnataka is one state that contributes top ranking medical institutes in India.

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities and is referred as silicon valley of the country. It is also an hub for various educational & research institutions where people from various part of the country prefer to settle down.

Students from various background prefer Bangalore for the wide range of opportunities. Exposure to the latest  technology, climate, high paid jobs, culture, tourism and many more  reason for people to prefer Bangalore compared to other cities.

Getting admission in Bangalore is a dream come true moment for many students.

Why Guidacent Consulting Service?

As referred earlier, best scores in NEET will open doors in top institutions. But getting admission in preferred college requires guidance.

Guidacent Consulting Service (aka) GCS  is Bangalore based consulting firm, that has impeccable track record in getting admission for deserving candidates in preferred and top ranking institutes in Bangalore and across Karnataka.

Number of seats is less, competition is high in PG MD MS. Aspirants must explore different methods to get admission.

Therefore aspirants should approach a medical college as soon as possible through a reliable channel to secure there PG Medical Seat.

Guidacent Consulting Services offers you proper guidance and support MD MS Admission in top medical colleges of Karnataka

With our 5+ years of experience for medical counseling and good relation with medical institutes we help student to get direct admission MD MS through management quota.

We look forward to be a part of your successful career.

Do you want to study MD MS in Bangalore, Karnataka after completing your MBBS course?

Have you written NEET PG entrance exams 2021 or preparing to take up the exams?

Studying PG Medical courses after MBBS helps You become a specialist in the field of medicine and surgery.

With a minimum eligibility score in NEET PG 2021 entrance exam, You can take admission in MD MS and PG diploma

If you wish to study PG medical courses in Bangalore, Karnataka, We are here to provide complete assistance.
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MD MS Course Fees in Karnataka

Karnataka Examination Authority 

  1. Government Colleges (G) : INR 38,900/-  to INR 2,63,900/-
  2. Government Private Seats (G) : INR 1,02,786/- to  INR 7,13,786/-
  3. GMP/OPN (P) : INR 1,58,000/- to INR 12,00,000/-
  4. NRI/Other : 17,00,000/- to INR 1,00,00,000/-( Decided by individual colleges )