Admission Process for M.Pharmacy at MS Ramaiah Medical College

Admission Process for M.Pharmacy at MS Ramaiah Medical College

Pharmacology is a branch of pharmaceutical sciences which is vital to the medical science industry. M.Pharmacy or M.Pharm is a two-year master’s degree that studies all the nuances of drugs. The degree teaches pharmacy aspirants everything about drugs, from research, analysis, manufacturing and dispensing. 

Ramaiah College of Pharmacy is a premier college in pharmaceutical sciences. It is known for its experienced and empathetic faculty members who go out of their way to help their students achieve their goals. 

MS Ramaiah College of Medical Science is ranked as one of the top colleges in M.Pharm in India and has an impeccable track placement record. Students from MS Ramaiah College are placed in various capacities in research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and entrepreneurial sectors. 

Ramaiah College of Pharmacy is dedicated to training students in the art of pharmacy while at the same time making them excellent problem solvers and communicators so that the medical science industry stays people-oriented for the comfort of society. The postgraduate degree also aims to make the degree holders more confident in their skills. 

Understanding M.Pharmacy at MS Ramaiah Medical College

M.Pharm in pharmaceutics at Ramaiah University is associated with Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Health Sciences and is exceptionally ranked in India. MSR University is also one of the most popular colleges for pharmaceutics at undergraduate and master’s levels; AICTE and the Medical Council of India also recognise MSR University. The various subjects that students of M.Pharm study as per their course structure are –

  • Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques 
  • Cellular And Molecular Pharmacology
  • Advanced Pharmacology
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology Screening Methods
  • Principle Of Drug Theory
  • Clinical Research And Pharmacotoxicology
  •  Research Methodology and Biostatistics

All the subjects mentioned above are taught by experienced faculty members with decades of industry experience. The teachers at MS Ramaiah College of Pharmacy ensure that all the students understand all the concepts thoroughly and make personal study plans for students struggling to understand complex topics. 

Every semester has regular assessment sessions to ensure that the students are up to date on all their concepts and to reduce the burden on them during the final university exams. The university believes that students should be informed on all the happenings in the industry and conducts regular seminars that help students inform themselves about the recent happenings in the pharmaceutical world.

Eligibility Criteria 

MS Ramiah College of Pharmacy, or the Department of Pharmacy, is one of the highest-ranked pharmaceutical colleges in India, and like MBBS admission in MS Ramaiah Medical College,the admission criteria for M.Pharm is also specified as – 

  • Candidates should have passed B.Pharm with at least 55% marks.
  • Candidates should have a B.Pharm degree from a legally recognised college/university.
  • Candidates should have a transfer certificate from their previous institution.

Application Process 

The application process is simple as students have to download the application form from the university exam on the specified date and fill it out.

The students will then be briefed on the further examinations they must take to get admission to M.Pharm at MS Ramaiah College of Medical Science/ Department of Pharmacy. 

Entrance Exams and Selection Procedure

  • Students looking to be admitted to the M.Pharm course directly through the institute should appear and clear the entrance exam conducted by MS Ramaiah College Of Medical Science.
  • Another way for students to get admission for M.Pharm at MS Ramaiah College Of Medical Science is through PGCET conducted by the Government Of Karnataka.
  • Students will be granted admission as per the number of seats available in that academic year.
  • A degree in M.Pharm is very promising as medical science is advancing every year, and the demand for students in various fields of medicine is increasing rapidly.
  • To get more information on M.Pharm at MS Ramaiah College Of Pharmacy, visit our website and register your query, and our expert counsellor will contact you to ease your decision-making process for the next step in your academic journey.

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