Career Opportunities after BBA at Ramaiah College

Career Opportunities after BBA at Ramaiah College

BBA is one of the most popular and common undergraduate degrees in the business field. Students opting for a BBA can move into a management or managerial career. The course allows you to find various jobs after BBA in sectors like education, finance, sales marketing, government, and more. Ramaiah College has been offering one of the well-defined BBA programs to students. To provide you with more details about the program and job opportunities, this guide will help you. 

Ramaiah College and its BBA Program

Ramaiah College provides a bachelor’s in business administration program under the MS- Department of Management Studies. The course is 120 credits per semester full-time at one of the best BBA colleges in Bangalore. In addition, it is regulated by UGC. The college provides a degree program designed to fulfill the roles of entry-level professionals with energetic and creative thinking.

Core Skills Developed during BBA at Ramaiah College

The BBA program in the college allows students to learn the core functions of any business, such as finance, decision-making, strategy, and marketing. Moreover, students can focus on overall managerial and analytical skills with the latest edition of business analytical skills and entrepreneurship development. The BBA admission allows students to get their hands on some specialization subjects such as human resources, finance, and marketing. 

Career Paths After BBA

Students are open to various career fields after completing a bachelor’s in Business Administration. To give a glimpse at different fields and ideas on high-paid jobs after BBA, here is the list:

  • Corporate Sector Opportunities: Students can opt for corporate sector opportunities after completing the BBA program. Various corporations in India offer a range of job opportunities to students with a BBA background. These opportunities can range based on job profiles such as administration officer, digital marketer, business consultant, process analyst, and sales executive. By workiStudentserstand and practice at different businesses. Moreover, by working on these job profiles, you will get hands-on experience in resolving various business issues and enhance after BBA job scope. 
  • Entrepreneurship and Startup Opportunities: If you want to grow and play with your work profile at startups, there are various startups in India with various positions for BBA graduates. In addition, you can start your own startup or entrepreneurship journey after graduating with the program based on the skills learned from the course. 
  • Further Studies and Specialisations: If you are looking for high-level job positions or want to amplify your skills, opting for higher studies can be another option. There are various higher study options such as an MBA, postgraduate diploma in business management, chartered accountant, Master in human resource, postgraduate diploma in data science, postgraduate diploma in hotel management, and more. 

After BBA, you can opt for higher studies based on your skills and interests. In addition to these courses, there are specific certifications that students can take to amplify their skills and increase their chances of employment. These certifications include Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Digital Marketing, Microsoft Suite, Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Project Management Professional (PMP), and more. 

To wrap up

The BBA program is one of the common yet popular programs that provides skills to understand business functions. Students can gain different skills and specializations. Moreover, a range of after-BBA job opportunities are available in varied businesses. So, students can opt for other career fields depending on their interests.

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