Cracking the BCom Entrance Exam at Christ University: Preparation Tips and Strategies

Are you willing to know more about BCom admission in Christ University? Well then, let me tell you that you have landed at the right place. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about how you can clear the B.Com entrance test at Christ University.

Overview of Christ University BCom Entrance Exam:

The admission test for the students willing to be a part of the Bachelor of Commerce course at Christ University is held once a year. The examination has a total duration of 1.5 hours. The students who clear the examination can be admitted to the BCom course and build an excellent career in commerce. 

So, here we are with some christ university bcom exam tips that will help you score well on the test:

Understanding the Exam Pattern:

Before appearing for the entrance test, you must familiarise yourself with the examination pattern and the bcom entrance exam strategies. You need to know more about the examination pattern to fare well in the test.

  • The entrance test consists of multiple-choice type questions.
  • The total mark is 120.
  • The question paper is divided into 6 different sections.

Key Topics – Subject-wise 

Before you start studying for the examination, you need to know what exactly you wish to have to study. This involves acquiring a clear idea of the examination syllabus. You can find the syllabus directly from the university’s website. Some of the key topics include:

  • Fundamental Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • Reasoning
  • General Knowledge
  • English

Fundamental Accounting:

  • Pick out the important topics and study accordingly.
  • Spend an equal amount of time on each of the questions.


  • Try to increase the speed and accuracy of calculations.
  • Practice different varieties of problems.

Data Analysis & Interpretation:

  • Use charts and graphs to analyse your problem.
  • Work on your analytical abilities.


  • Read the question properly before attempting it.
  • Go with your instincts.

General Knowledge:

  • Regularly read the newspaper to familiarise yourself with the current affairs.
  • Go through relevant study materials.


  • Practice grammar regularly. It will directly impact your score.
  • Get into the habit of reading daily.

Problem-Solving Approaches:

Some popular problem-solving approaches for your BCom exam have been listed below:

  • Use a systematic approach while solving the problem.
  • Break the problem into several smaller problems.
  • Use visual aids like charts and diagrams to solve the problem.

Test-Taking Strategies:

Here are some strategies that will help you score better in your exam:

  • Read the questions well before approaching them.
  • Do not spend too much time on a single question.
  • Leaving a few questions won’t eliminate your chances of clearing the exam.

Final Take:

If you wish to be a part of the B.Com course at Christ University, you may contact the experts at Guidacent, who will guide you through the admission process. You can also use Guidacent’s help for your exam preparations. That way, the experts at Guidacent will ensure you crack the exam with a decent score.

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