Explore Exiting Career Avenues in Law

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law or BA LLB, is a five-year integrated professional undergraduate degree that can be pursued by any student after passing 12th grade. It is a multi-dimensional educational experience of academic learning in Social Science with a professional legal education. During its five years of course a student has to study IPC, CPC, Family Law, Bare Act, Labour Law, etc. Students who aspire to become legal experts in the future can pursue this course, as it offers a wide array of career options in law. This law course not only offers academic exposure but also equips a student with various versatile skill sets, that are essential to succeed in a legal profession. The future career prospects along with being prestigious and respected are also, financially rewarding, making them more appealing for the students. 

Here is a list of top career options in law

  1. Legal Advisor – A legal advisor is the one who gives their clients legal pieces of advice, guidance, and support on legal issues. They also help their clients in preventing litigation and negotiate to resolve disputes. It is a good law career to pursue.
  1. Criminal Lawyer – They represent their clients in courts for criminal cases. To be a criminal lawyer one needs to have strong investigative and interpersonal skills, to present one’s client’s case in court as strongly as possible. This is one of the highest-paid career opportunities in the legal industry. 
  1. Corporate Lawyer – A corporate lawyer helps a company in complying with the rules and regulations of that industry. They also assist their clients in legal processes related to a company’s management. This is one of the most lucrative career opportunities after a law degree. 
  1. Legal Analyst – Legal Analyst is a good law career to pursue. They are more into researching and reviewing legal issues, maintaining databases, and tracking systems. They help individual lawyers or a team of lawyers in performing their duties by helping them do the legal research. They also help them in gathering the evidence. 
  1. Legal Journalist – If you have good writing skills, you can have Legal Journalism as a career option after a law degree. They attend court hearings, report the facts directly, and then write articles and blogs on legal topics. As they have that intellectual knowledge they can also participate in the discussions related to legal issues. Also, a legal journalist can spread his career’s horizons beyond writing and can be a part of visual media.  
  1. Legal Researcher – They are the one who conducts in-depth legal research on topics related to law. They delve into statutes and legal journals to find relevant legal information and help their client by providing them with valuable insights and data.
  1. Civil Lawyer – They as lawyers handle non-criminal litigation, which includes dealing with disputes related to property settlements, family business matters, divorce, etc. They help their clients to save their legal rights and represent them in court.

As the world is continuously evolving, the need for legal expertise is increasing too making law a popular career option. If you want to step into the world of law and are looking for the top law colleges in Bangalore or are all set to take BA LLB admission in Christ University, consider Guidacent Consulting Services. We will help you choose the best college for a BA LLB degree and will also guide you through the career options based on your interests and abilities. With a total experience of 12 years, we offer the best advice to the student, ensuring their success. For more details and other information visit the website.

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