How to Get Direct Admission in MBBS

MBBS has always been a prestigious and prominent career field. Many students appear for the NEET exam to take MBBS in prestigious colleges every year. However, the highly competitive and limited seats make it extremely complex for students to gain admission to MBBS. So, various students either drop out or change their plans. Is there a way to take direct admission in MBBS without NEET? Let us understand: 

What is Direct Admission to MBBS?

Direct admission to MBBS means candidates can take admission to the MBBS course without giving NEET. Admission is provided when someone can opt for it if they are able to pay the course fee. Generally, these fees are high and do not grant any discounts. So, students can pay for the course directly and gain admission to MBBS. In addition, some management and NRI Quotas allow students to take direct admission. 

How to take Direct Admission in MBBS?

If you are wondering to take direct admission to MBBS, here are the essential steps you need to take: 

  • Understand the Management and NRI Quota: Check the official college with management and NRI Quota that allow students to take admission with minimum NEET scores. You can be admitted to the course if you have a minimum NEET score and can pay the fee. 
  • Check Eligibility: The next step for direct admission is to check MBBS eligibility in the Quota and the direct admission method. Every college or university has different criteria for students looking for direct admission. So, it’s critical to check MBBS criteria. 
  • Research Medical Colleges: Before you proceed with anything, it’s recommended that you research medical colleges. Your MBBS degree from a particular college can give you an additional edge in your career. Students with the best MBBS colleges in Bangalore can provide you with a competitive edge when you are searching for jobs. 
  • Entrance Exam: The next step involves the entrance exam. NEET is the exam that students need to take for MBBS admission. Direct admission or Quota allows students with minimum marks to take admission. However, you must clear the NEET exam for admission to Quota, even if it’s a minimum score. So, make sure you appear well-prepared for the entrance exam. 
  • Admission Formalities: Visit the official website to check the admission formalities of a college. You must find all the eligibility requirements to be admitted to MBBS colleges. Follow all the step-by-step procedures to gain admission to the course. 
  • Complete Selection Process: Once your admission formalities are over, you must pass through the selection process. The college will shortlist candidates for the selection process based on their profile and their overall merit. If you have been selected for the selection process, ensure you complete all the formalities of the course. 
  • Submit your application: The next and final step for direct admission to MBBS is applying. After you are selected to take admission and pay the fee for the course, submit your complete application. Also, provide documents and pay a fee to complete your admission. 


To gain direct admission to MBBS colleges in Bangalore, you must check out all the details and finalize your admission process from Guidacent. Direct admission is costly and needs proper guidance. Students opting for the course can check the ways mentioned above to gain admission to the MBBS program to pursue their careers. 

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