Top 8 Career Opportunities After MBA

Master of business administration (MBA) is a degree providing theoretical and practical training. The main scope of this degree is business or investment management. This is designed to help the students acquire a better understanding of the functions of general business management. In order to gain the most valuable skill set, you must pursue this degree from one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Why choose an MBA?

MBA offers tons of opportunities for career growth. In this competitive world, the business is keen to spot candidates with exceptional leadership and management skills. This helps in converting students into competent leaders who are capable of handling challenges.

Career Opportunities: After MBA Jobs and Salary

Jobs after MBA become a big question for every student who wishes to step out in the world with enormous competition. After an MBA, jobs, and salary occupy most of the cerebral capacity of the pupils.

The positioning of job prospects for MBA graduates in the economy has the upper hand compared to other jobs. These graduates receive remunerative job offers with six-figure salaries. After MBA which job is best is at the disposal of the individual’s decision.

After MBA Best Jobs / Creative Jobs After MBA:

  • Financial Manager

Financial managers are exceptional investors who are responsible for solving cash flow problems. They play a pivotal role in managing the financial stability and profitability of a company. The salary for this job ranges between INR 12L to INR 30L annually.

  • Business Consultant

MBA graduates assist companies in assessing the situation of a struggling company and suggesting a solution. They also use critical thinking to anticipate long-term changes. This is a highly-paid job ranging between INR 12L to INR 24L annually.

  • Project Manager

The product manager is responsible for putting all his focus on more than one company project. They keep in contact with stakeholders and provide progress reports. The annual salary for this role is between INR 17L and INR 25L.

  • Marketing Manager

A marketing manager promotes the company’s businesses. They develop and execute marketing and pricing strategies and tools. They are responsible for conducting research and providing a complete analysis of customer needs and new trends. These managers can bag salaries ranging between INR 8L to INR 18L per year.

  •  Human Resource Manager

HR Manager responsibilities vary from developing and executing strategies in alignment with the overall business strategy to strengthening management and employee relations. They also cater to the recruitment and selection process. Their annual salary might be INR 4L to INR 20L, depending upon their level.

  • Product Manager

A product manager comprehends the needs of the customer and the business’s objectives. They ensure that all the products are delivered on time and have not gone beyond the budget. They take home salaries ranging between INR 6L to INR 30L depending upon added skills and experience in the industry.

  • Sales Manager

A Sales Manager puts all his focus on achieving sales targets. They do so by managing the sales team successfully. These managers are in charge of recruiting, objectives setting, and coaching. The annual salary is between INR 2.5L and INR 10L.

  • eCommerce Specialist

An eCommerce Specialist maintains a substantial level of product knowledge and provides solutions that fit the company’s budget. They are up-to-date with the most popular products in the market. The monthly salary of eCommerce Specialists ranges between INR 18K to INR 50K.

Summing Up

An MBA degree is seen as a prestigious qualification. But, not all management career opportunities come with high salaries. Therefore, MBA admission to good colleges increases the possibility of securing the desired job.


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