What makes the MBA the most preferred choice for a master’s degree after UG?

Master of Business Administration is a two-year post-graduation course opted by students having an interest in business practices. This course equips students with good communication skills, better business aptitude, networking, entrepreneurial aptitude, and more. MBA opens up various career avenues for students with better packages and exposure. Finance, marketing, human resource, international business, and more are a few MBA specialisations offered by the colleges. 

MBA is one of the most popular choices after graduation. Here are a few key advantages of choosing a Master of Business Administration course:

  • Enhanced marketability and career prospects: One of the benefits of MBA degree is enhanced marketability of the students. After completion of the 2-year course, multiple job prospects open up with better packages. After completion, a student can work as a business analyst, marketing manager, HR manager, financial analyst, data specialist, and more. 
  • Specialized knowledge and expertise: There are various MBA specialisations offered by the colleges such as general management, international business, strategic management, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, operation management, human resource, and more. Students can choose their area of specialisation as per their interests and market trends. Once their MBA is completed they have expertise in their field which makes them professionally ready. 
  • Network Building and Professional Connections: One of the benefits of pursuing top MBA programs is building a good network and professional connections. Students will develop a great network of fellow students, business persons, and professors. Even if a student plans for a startup, his or her connections will be quite useful in the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Skill Development: While pursuing executive MBA programs, students will develop various skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, time management, critical thinking, analytical thinking, and more. All these skills developed during the 2 years of the course help students excel in their professional journey.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: MBA is a perfect course for students who are thinking of stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. During the course, students learn about the latest business ventures, various business model, and their pros and cons. They will also develop the skills necessary to run a successful business. All of this helps them make thoughtful decisions in their business.
  • Global Perspective: MBA offers students global exposure which further helps in gaining a broader perspective on global economic trends. Students during the course period build a good network of professionals that further enhance their cultural and economic exposure.

Some of the common misconceptions about MBA

  • Cost and Return on Investment: Students often weigh the benefits of pursuing an MBA vs. other master’s degrees. Here it is essential to note that when the cost involved and ROI are calculated, MBA scores way better than the other degrees. On completion of the course, most of the students get campus placements with good packages. 
  • Time commitment and work-life balance: People often doubt that MBA professionals do not have a work-life balance. But it is not entirely true as maintaining the balance is more dependent on the person rather than the job. So, it is advisable for professionals to maintain a line between the two spheres and not to intermingle to lead a peaceful healthy life. 

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